Hello Everyone,,
We are adding a new explorer for EGGvestors to use. This explorer has extra options that will allow new ways to track EGG and provide information that users have ask us about. It will be posted on the site soon. This is just an addition to the explorer we already have. Check it out here — -> visit

NestEGG Team

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Hello EGGstar,

We are happy to inform you, We will be arranging a weekly trivia for you. If you don’t know about Trivia then feel free to ask here questions, hopefully anyone(who already know about trivia) can able help you for understand Trivia and I am also available for answering any questions. You are welcome, to join in this weekly trivia session.

How To Participate

1. Invite Your Friends To Join The NestEGG Discord Community
2. Get Them To Participate In The Weekly Trivia
3. Receive 0.1 $EGG Coin Bonus For Every Correct Answer
4. All Participants Also Get Rewards For Joining This Weekly Events

{Learn About NestEGG Community, Stay With Us Always & Enjoy To Get $EGG Rewards}

For Any Support, Come On Our Telegram or Discord Community

NestEGG Team

Hello EGGvestors,

We are proud that our partner GTM platform https://mn.gtmcoin.io/
has added our coin to their platform.
They provide the opportunity of an automatic masternodes deployment and first automated shared mn platform in the world
Website : Visit
Discord : Click To Join

- We are Hosting and Shared MN service mn.gtmcoin.io.
- 4k+ hosting Mns
- $0.11 daily fee for hosting
- INSTANT MNs ( you get immediately rewards in shared MNs)
- No deposit or withdrawal fee
- Only 2% fee in shared MN
- More than 150 MN coins in automated shared MN
- Friendly community
- You can send coins to shared MN or host trustless your own.

For Any Support You Can Join With Us On Discord : Click To Join

Thank You

Best Regards,

-NestEGG Team

NestEGG Coin

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